Windup Watch Fair NYC Discussion Panel Roundup

This year’s Windup Watch Fair in New York featured a selection of panel discussions featuring a range of brands exhibiting at the show. We talked about the resurgence of British watch brands, finding niche audiences, and shepherding heritage, among other fun topics. If you were unable to make the show this year, but are still interested in hearing those discussions, we’ve got you covered. Audio from the panels will soon be available on our podcast channel, and below you can find a roundup of each panel in video form. Here’s what you can expect to see in each:

The New British Invasion Presented by Christopher Ward

This year’s fair saw the largest collection of British watch brands ever assembled in the US. In this discussion, moderated by Blake Buettner, we explore what it means to be a British watch brand, how they utilize one another’s strengths, and how they’ve formalized a working relationship with one another for the benefit of brands young and old alike. Participants include: Mike France of Christopher Ward; Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, 4th Managing Director of Fears; Jonny Garrett of William Wood; and Richard Benc, founder of Studio Underd0g.

Shepherding Heritage Brands Presented by Zodiac

This panel unpacks what it means to be the shepherd of an immense heritage for old brands looking to innovate in the future, as well as young brands looking to place the first building blocks of their own heritage. We get a range of thoughts and perspectives here with the help of moderator Zach Kazan. Panelists include: Michael Pearson of Zodiac watches; Don Cochrane of Vertex watches; and R.T. Custer of Vortic Watch Co.

RedBar Live! Community Through Collecting

Doing the wrist check. Telling the story of your latest find. This panel, moderated by RedBar CEO Kathleen McGivney, explores how the love of watches brings people together, and what the future of staying connected—online or in-person—holds. From RedBar to WindUp, the watch community around the globe is formed from all walks of life, and there are a myriad of ways we explore this passion. Whether we’re creating content or memes, sharing wrist shots, or telling stories, there’s one thing we can all agree on: collecting watches is all about connecting people. Panelists include: Blake Malin, co-founder and CEO of Worn & Wound; Sneh Diwan of Diwan By Design; Ben Grullon of Wrist Check Podcast; and Lee Candela (aka @brodinkee) of Wrist Cheese Podcast.

For the Love of Gear (and Watches)

Should watches exist in their own space, or are they in fact just a small part of the broader world of gear? This panel, moderated by Worn & Wound’s Kyle Snarr, digs into the crossovers between watches and everyday carry products. Panelists include: Ryan Coulter of the James Brand; Jon Gaffney of Tornek Rayville; and Kat Shoulders of Worn & Wound.

Found Your Niche? Now Find Your Peeps Presented by Bespoke Watch Projects

The world of watches has never been more expansive and diverse. There are so many new brands and enthusiasts rushing to the scene. How do you carve an audience of people who connect with your product, while remaining inclusive to those with different backgrounds and perspectives? This panel, moderated by Worn & Wound’s Blake Buettner, explores these questions and more with panelists that include: Jason Gong of Complecto; Abingdon Chelsea Mullin of The Abingdon Co.; Max of WatchCrunch; and John McConnico of Bespoke Watch Projects.

Attainable Sustainability featuring Rolf Studer, Presented by Oris

The concept of sustainability is wide and far-reaching. Ideally, all new products are produced in sustainable ways, but what’s the reality of that timeline and what are attainable solutions brands can implement now? This conversation, led by watch industry veteran journalist Barbara Palumbo, explores this subject with an industry leader when it comes to sustainability, Oris, and co-CEO Rolf Studer.

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