Adam Jason: Investing in the Largest Coffee Producer in Colombia

Horacio spoke with Adam Jason, an Alternative Asset Manager at the Legacy Group. Legacy’s largest holding is the Green Coffee Company. Green Coffee is the largest coffee producer in Colombia. By 2026, Adam aims to have the company responsible for providing 1% of the global coffee supply. In this episode, we talk about Green Coffee’s growth strategy, distilling alcohol from coffee byproducts, and Green Coffee’s current fund round.

Discussion topics include:

  • Being the largest coffee producer in Colombia

  • Creating a business for acquisition or IPO

  • The fragmentation of coffee producers in Colombia

  • The competitive advantage of investing at the middle level

  • Lifestyle components involved with hands-on investments

  • Working towards producing 1% of the global coffee supply

  • Creating alcohol from coffee byproducts

  • Transitioning from selling green coffee beans to roasted beans

  • Keeping costs low in operations while acquiring more assets

2:00 Origins of Green Coffee Company

5:00 Investing in Colombian Coffee

8:00 Acquiring land

13:20 Investing in alternative assets

16:00 Coffee markets

18:10 Series C Funding Round

20:25 Creating alcohol from coffee byproducts

25:12 Using technology in coffee production

33:30 Monthly expenses

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