Michael Episcope: Creating Multifamily Real Estate Funds with Origin Investments

Horacio spoke with Michael Episcope, the co-CEO at Origin Investments. Michael has helped build Origin Investments from a small real estate investment company, to one of the best-performing companies with more than $1 billion of assets under management. Michael talks about how Origin is navigating the current real estate market, its venture in Qualified Opportunity Zones, and the funds it offers to investors.

Discussion topics include:

  • Creating an institutional organization for high net-worth investors

  • Growing a business with a great product with digital marketing

  • Doing things differently and managing a team to pivot in strategy

  • Working within a dynamic real estate market

  • Multifamily buildings with high absolute returns and low volatility

  • Diversifying by building, buying, and lending to multifamily

  • Housing shortage of 4 million units in the United States

  • The tax advantages of investing in Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds

  • Building in cities and neighborhoods in transition through the Qualified Opportunity Zones

  • The Origin Investment Funds: Multifamily Credit Fund, Income Plus Fund, and Growth Fund 4

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