Weekend Edition: Summer Is Over, But The Outdoor Fun Is Just Beginning

, Weekend Edition: Summer Is Over, But The Outdoor Fun Is Just Beginning

I’m just going to lay my cards on the table. I hate summer. I hate being sweaty. I hate the bugs. I hate the pressure to have a nice time. But fall? Fall is perfect. The weather is both temperate AND unpredictable. You can wear a variety of layers and feel prepared for anything. The bugs are on vacation. It is the best time to go outdoors! 

Breitling watch

Josh Bernstein’s Breitling Emergency. 

Depending on where you are in the world, outdoor activities can look exactly like they did a few weeks ago – or entirely different. Either way, there’s a watch for that. From strapping on a wetsuit and dipping into a newly chilly lake or heading out for a dive or hiking through fall foliage, adventure is better in autumn. And it’s even better-er with the right gear on your wrist.

a bunch of watch straps

From a story where James teaches how to care for your beloved straps. 

This weekend, I’ve picked a few choice outdoor stories from the pumpkin patch of our archives (sorry! I love fall). And if you’re thinking of turning over a new leaf (sorry!!!!) in your watch collection, these stories should offer up some entertaining and informative insight. And maybe help you decide what to buy. Or at least what to ask for during the holidays, which are right around the corner, which is another wonderful thing about fall. 

royal oak offshore on wrist

Pull on your sweater, fill up the thermos, strap on your boots and head outdoors! And when you get back these stories will be waiting for you by the fire. 

Featured Stories

Talking Watches With Josh Bernstein

Host of the History Channel series Digging For The Truth, Josh Bernstein is something of a modern explorer. He sat down with In early 2020, Jon Bues sat down with Bernstein to talk through his collection and his life of adventure. His collection is Rolex heavy and full of fascinating stories. Definitely worth a watch. 

You Only Live Once: I Took An Audemars Piguet To A Deserted Island

Cole Pennington is nothing short of one of a kind and right here is a story that only he could write. What watch goes well with a wild adventure on the Dry Tortugas and even wilder shirt? Why, a Royal Oak Offshore of course! Join our buddy Cole as he takes a very fancy watch on a very extreme adventure. It will have you looking at your most luxurious timepiece with new eyes. 

The Sports Section: What’s the Best Watch For Outdoor Adventure?

Sometimes, you just need to ask the experts. That’s what Nick Marino did last year when he turned to the staff of  outdoor gear emporium, Huckberry. What the staffers had on their wrists ranged from smart watches to higher-end mechanical pieces and everything in between. There are as many watches to wear outdoors as there are outdoor activities. 

How To Clean And Care For Your Watch Straps

Going outdoors can mean getting a little dirty.  James “The Canadian Cleaner” Stacey teaches us how to keep all types of straps fresh as the day they were born.  

Steal Vs. Splurge: Divers From Oris And Rolex

Look, we’d all love a Sub. But for many of us, that’s just not in the cards. In this story Logan Baker takes a look at a wallet-friendly alternative, The Oris Aquis Date. Like all good Steal Vs. Splurge stories Logan looks at just how much bang one is afforded for ones buck and the pros and cons of both watches. Take a dive in to see what he has to say. 

 Do I really want my nice and shiny AP doused in mollusk-flavored water?

Cole Pennington

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