The Spec Sheet: At 40mm, This Luminor Is Still Pure Panerai

, The Spec Sheet: At 40mm, This Luminor Is Still Pure Panerai

One thing’s for sure about a Panerai: If you’re into watches, you’re pretty much guaranteed to recognize the Italian brand’s silhouette from across the room. Blame it on the large, cushion-style case. Or the distinct crown guard of the Luminor, one of the brand’s two signature collections. Or even the military-inspired dial, with its large numerals and markers.

Panerai Luminor on the wrist

Wrist Size: 6.5in | 16.51cm

In the early 1990s, Panerai did something new. Long a supplier of watches to military branches like the Italian Navy, it started producing watches for the general public. Quickly, burly-wristed celebrities like Stallone and Schwarzenegger started wearing their Panerais everywhere, including on the big screen.

The Panerai Luminor PAM 1048 is for those who might want to join the legion of Panerai collectors – the famous Paneristi – but for whom a 44mm-plus watch might be a bit daunting. At just 40mm (and 15.5mm thick), the PAM 1048 is still pure Panerai. It features the recognizable cushion-shaped case, but in a slightly more wearable form. The date window features an internal magnifier (i.e., it sits under the crystal and not above it, like you might see on a certain brand that starts with “R”), and is nicely balanced with a sub-seconds register at nine o’clock. With its shorter lugs, flatter crystal, and other defining features, the PAM 1048 still features Panerai’s classic “Bettarini” case, named after Alessandro Bettarini, the head of Panerai’s design department in the ’90s.

From a few feet away, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just a typical Panerai. That’s why The Spec Sheet is here to take a closer look at the PAM 1048.

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