Joe Burrill: Online Business Broker, Generating Passive Income

Horacio spoke with Joe Burrill, the founder of Just Website Brokerage. Joe is the highest-rated website broker on, an online marketplace for online businesses. In this episode, Joe shares how he got started with online businesses and how he transitioned into becoming a broker. This one is full of great advice in general and about getting started with an online business.

Additional discussion topics include:

  • Using savings to start acquiring online businesses

  • Giving credit to the eBusiness Institute for providing support

  • Setting up businesses to sell by thinking with an end in mind

  • Reasons to use a broker for online businesses

  • No reserve auctions on Flippa for online businesses

  • Advantages of online businesses over brick-and-mortar businesses

  • Seven-day inspection periods to make sure a deal checks out

  • Building an online business starting with a domain name

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