Iris ten Teije: Fractional Investment Platform Koia and the European Market

Horacio spoke with Iris ten Teije, co-founder of Koia. Iris turned a career in fintech into an opportunity to start Koia with her expertise in retail investing. Koia is a fractional investment platform allowing investors to buy shares of rare collectibles and luxury items. Koia is also at the forefront of Web3 investment as buyers receive NFTs representing their share of ownership in the physical items. In this episode, we talk about the beginnings of Koia, growth, and future developments.

Additional topics include:

  • Collectibles as investments in diversified portfolios

  • Receiving feedback from Koia users

  • Fractional investment and collecting in Europe

  • Passion assets as entry points to fractional investment

  • Criteria for assets on the platform: demand, investment rationale, and sourcing

  • Linking NFTs to physical assets

  • Building community through Discord for two-way conversation

  • Using USDC to buy on the platform

  • Facilitating group bidding for large auctions

  • Opening up a secondary market apart from trading NFTs

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