Diane D’Amato: Investing in Luxury Handbags and the Hermes Brand

Horacio spoke with Diane D’Amato, the Director of Luxury Assets at Heritage Auctions. Diane is an expert in luxury handbags. She has a wealth of experience in the auction industry and in private markets. In this episode, Diane talks about Hermes as the leading luxury brand, what makes these bags so special, and other brands in the space.

Additional topics include:

  • Handbags as the #1 financial asset for women

  • Hermes as the top luxury brand in investable handbags

  • Grading handbags on a 1 – 4 scale

  • Combining the auction and retail worlds

  • Men as investors, collectors, and users

  • Chanel getting out of the exotics market

  • Buying the highest-grade, highest-quality bags

  • Closing, opening, and working auctions

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