AcreTrader’s Michael Iseman: Investing in Farmland and Working with Farmers

Horacio spoke with Michael Iseman from AcreTrader about the operations behind AcreTrader’s farmland investments. In this episode, Michael talks about how the agricultural business meets the finance world through its relationships with farmers and investors. This episode is a deep dive on farming techniques, investment opportunities, risks, and the future of farmland.

Discussion topics include:

  • Providing education to investors about the investing in farmland

  • The sophistication of farmers running large farms

  • Identifying investment opportunities with water, soil, and good communities

  • Rotating crops from year to year

  • Spreading allocations to different asset classes

  • Adapting to drought with new watering techniques and resources

  • Nuances of investing in organic farmland

  • Flex leases to profit from greater crop yields

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