Trung Pham: Retrofitting Window Shades for Convenience and Energy Efficiency

Horacio spoke with Trung Pham about his company, RYSE SmartShade. In a not-so-obvious market, Trung is looking to capitalize on the 95% of non-automated window shades by retrofitting them with a tiny frame-mounted motor. This motor can be used to retrofit nearly all shades that are moved by beaded chains. RYSE believes that it can be a leader in residential and commercial buildings. In addition, Trung talks about raising money through retail and accredited investors as RYSE expands its footprint.

Discussion topics include:

  • Expenses involved with automated shades

  • Incorporating SmartShades into the smart home system

  • Working with commercial properties

  • Controlling different shades in the home with the SmartBridge

  • Motorized shades traditionally tied to a remote control

  • Building awareness for RYSE and developing new products

  • Getting retail and accredited investors to invest in RYSE

  • The potential market for retrofitting shades

  • How to Invest in Ryse

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