The Tokens Awards: A First of its Kind NFT Award Show

Horacio spoke with Antares Vargas and Narumi Inatsugu, co-founders of The Tokens Awards. The Tokens is a first of its kind event for the NFT community. Antares and Narumi are veteran award show producers, and are using their experience to highlight a diverse set of artists across several mediums. The Tokens Awards will take place on July 10th at 4 pm PST on Twitter Spaces.

Discussion topics include:

  • The work involved with producing The Tokens Awards

  • The inspiration behind the award show

  • Finding community through Twitter Spaces

  • Getting artist involvement and giveaways

  • Creating an interactive experience through participation

  • Addressing critics about NFTs through the strength of community

  • The diversity of people and artists participating in the show

  • Getting support from actors, musicians, and Twitter

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