Paul Gambill: Selling Carbon Removal Credits to Improve the Environment at Nori

Horacio spoke with Paul Gambill, the CEO at Nori. In this episode, we discuss how Nori is selling carbon removal credits through its innovative NRT product on the blockchain. We talk about Nori’s mission to improve the environment, how it is using regenerative agriculture to remove carbon from the atmosphere, and the mechanics behind the Nori token and the NRT.

Discussion topics include:

  • Client demand for carbon offset credits

  • Removing CO2 out of the atmosphere using regenerative agriculture

  • Paying farmers for carbon who start regenerative farming

  • The Nori Carbon Removal Tonne (NRT)

  • Finding commodity prices for carbon

  • Using the blockchain to keep track of carbon credits

  • Ethical and consumer-based demands for reducing emissions

  • Creating a marketplace for the NRT

  • Farmers as sophisticated, savvy business people

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