Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master

The Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master is this months choice for the hottest women’s model in the brand’s entire lineup. It is the perfect choice for the modern women looking for a classic yet adventurous watch. The model is available in stainless and platinum, stainless and gold, and all 18k solid gold; however, both the 29mm and 35mm models are now exclusively available on the pre-owned market. The Rolex Lady Yacht-Master is a high-value timepiece that is often the favorite of outdoor lovers, Yachtswomen, and go-getters alike. Released to market in the 1990s, this smaller Rolex Yacht-Master features a precise mix of features including automatic winding, a date display, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a rotating timing bezel, a dial with luminous hour markers, and an Oyster bracelet with secure locking clasp.

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Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Stainless Steel and Platinum

Your Source for Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master Watches

You can always find the greatest selection of Rolex Yacht-Master watches for women right here at Bob’s Watches – the world’s first open marketplace for pre-owned Rolex watches. Located in Newport Beach, California, Bob’s Watches buys, sells, and trades high-quality, authentic Rolex watches at true market value. Established in 1999, Bob’s Watches is known for its impeccable customer service record and quality pre-owned luxury watches.

Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master Two-Tone Steel and Gold

Two-Tone Rolex Lady Yacht-Master

Two of the most popular models among today’s female buyers are the two-tone stainless steel and yellow gold Rolex Lady Yacht-Master with its 29mm case and its larger 35mm sibling. Perfect for the recreational sailor or the weekend diver — or to wear on an elegant date or at the office, the Ladies Rolex-Yacht-Master in stainless steel and 18k gold is the ideal accessory.

Often found at a discount on the pre-owned market, you can spoil yourself in affluence and become the object of envy to those around you. And with global gold and precious metal values ever-increasing, the 18k gold components of this watch make a wise investment for any collector.

Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master Midsize Rolesium Stainless Steel and Platinum

Rolex Yacht-Master Watches For Women

The Rolex brand is known for crafting its metals from unique, high quality alloys that are specialized for durability, color, and award-winning beauty. The Rolex Yacht-Master model comes equipped with bi-directional self-winding perpetual rotor movement, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a water resistance rating up to 100 meters (330 feet), a screw-down crown, and a rapid date setting mechanism with certified Swiss COSC chronometer precision. The durable Oyster bracelet comes with a secure flip-lock clasp that prevents the bracelet from accidentally opening while in use.

Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master 18k yellow Gold Midsize

Popular Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master References

Below are some of the most popular Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master references, along with some of the various mid-size models that are also incredibly popular among women collectors.

  • Rolex Midsize Yacht-Master 68623 = 35mm; Stainless steel and yellow gold
  • Rolex Midsize Yacht-Master 68628 = 35mm; 18k yellow gold
  • Rolex Midsize Yacht-Master 168622 = 35mm; Stainless steel and platinum
  • Rolex Midsize Yacht-Master 168623 = 35mm; Stainless steel and yellow gold
  • Rolex Midsize Yacht-Master 168628 = 35mm; 18k yellow gold
  • Rolex Lady Yacht-Master 169623 = 29mm; Stainless steel and yellow gold
  • Rolex Lady Yacht-Master 169628 = 29mm; 18k yellow gold
  • Rolex Lady Yacht-Master 169622 = 29mm; Stainless steel and platinum)
  • Rolex Lady Yacht-Master 69628 = 29mm; 18k yellow gold
  • Rolex Lady Yacht-Master 69623 = 29mm; Stainless steel and yellow gold

This elegant selection for any occasion comes with a Bob’s 3-day satisfaction guarantee, plus a one year warranty and lifetime authenticity guarantee. As a practical waterproof and fashion accessory, the Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master model is the perfect selection to quell all of your desires. So go ahead – treat yourself to luxury!

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