Jesus Garcia: Collecting Pokémon Cards and Other Trading Card Games

Horacio spoke with Jesus Garcia, a Pokémon expert and the Consignment Director for Trading Card Games at Heritage Auctions. Jesus talks about the origins of Pokémon and some reasons for its enduring popularity. We also touch upon some of the most valuable trading cards in the Pokémon franchise. Jesus also mentions the emergence of Magic the Gathering and its recent rise in value.

Additional topics include:

  • Pokémon Blue and Red

  • Collector preferences between Japanese and English cards

  • Watching Pokémon: The First Movie in 1999

  • Limited Edition to 39 Pokémon Illustrators

  • The increasing popularity of the Pokémon franchise

  • EX Pokémon Cards as entry points

  • The Pokémon Rad Dad Collection

  • Logan Paul as a Pokémon influencer

  • Emergence of Magic the Gathering cards

  • The prevalence of counterfeit cards

  • Items available at the Heritage TCG Signature Auction

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