Noble and Barnaby: A New Way to Create and Invest in Music with BAND Royalty

Horacio spoke with Noble Drakoln and Barnaby Andersun, the co-founders at BAND Royalty. Noble and Barnaby have more than 60 years of business experience. Noble has been investing in music royalties for nearly 60 years, and Barnaby is a world-renowned expert in blockchain technology. BAND Royalty is a Web3 music label looking to change the way artists, music fans, and music investors interact. BAND Royalty is founded on creating an alternative to a music industry widely viewed as broken. The music platform is changing how music is produced and consumed by harnessing blockchain and NFTs.

Discussion topics include:

  • How the music industry is set up against the artist

  • Multi-platinum artists exploited by record labels

  • The corruption in the music industry

  • Finding solutions for industry problems

  • Music as a technology driver

  • Buying a catalog of music to profit from aggregation

  • Creating multi-track, music-specific NFTs

  • The immediacy of paying out royalties through blockchain

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