Eric Witschen: Collecting Wisely at Neustreet

Horacio spoke with Eric Witschen, the CEO at Neustreet, where collecting wisely is their approach to alternative assets. Eric talks about his collecting journey leading up to his career as a financial analyst and creating a marketplace aggregator at Neustreet. This episode has a little bit of everything, including Eric’s passion for NFTs, having a collector thesis, and the future at Neustreet.

Discussion topics include:

  • Neustreet as a marketplace aggregator

  • NFTs as a technological innovation and digital renaissance

  • Digital provenance and scarcity

  • Problems with the Otherside mint from Yuga Labs

  • Understanding the value of collectibles with transparency

  • Building Neustreet into a media aggregator

  • The Pokemon franchise

  • Building with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

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