Dylan Marma: Investing in Mobile Home Communities and RV Campgrounds

Horacio spoke with Dylan Marma, the Founder and CEO of The Requity Group. Dylan has created multiple funds focused on affordable housing in the southeastern United States. His funds include commercial multi-family apartments, mobile homes, and RV campgrounds. In this episode, Dylan talks about the advantages of investing in mobile homes and RV campgrounds and the implications of rising rental rates and home prices.

Discussion topics include:

  • Imbalance of supply and demand in the residential market

  • Factors behind rental rates rising across the country

  • Dylan’s approach to properties and commercial units

  • Benefits of investing in mobile park homes and RV campgrounds

  • Mobile-park home communities being a land-lease business

  • The diversity of RV campground investments

  • Advantages of long-term RV campground leases

  • Adding value to RV campgrounds and hiring the right manager

  • Mobility and future real estate prices affecting first-time buyers

  • The Requity Group Operators and Allocators Podcast

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