Vinovest CEO Anthony Zhang

This week, Horacio sat down with Anthony Zhang, Founder & CEO of Vinovest.

It was a short chat but a good one. Discussion topics include:

  • What it took to build his first business as a 19-year old, a food delivery service called EnvoyNow

  • His decision to drop out of college to build his business

  • The advice he gives to young, aspiring entrepreneurs

  • The spinal cord injury that changed his life

  • Recovering and having the motivation to return to being a CEO to resurrect his EnvoyNow

  • After selling EnvoyNow, Anthony creates his second company; Know Your VC

  • The genesis of Vinovest and the importance of gifting high quality wines in Asian culture

  • VinoVest as a platform to help give more accessibility to retail investors

  • His process in building Vinovest from scratch with his co-founder

  • Vinovest’s strategy in tweaking its investing algorithm, offering investment tiers, risk-weighted options, and owning the physical bottle

  • How investors can profit from their investments on VinoVest

  • Why Vinovest is expanding into whiskey

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