Masterworks VP of Marketing, Michael Wenner

This week Stefan sat down with Michael Wenner, VP of Marketing at Masterworks; the world’s largest (and arguably only) platform dedicated to buying fractional shares of high-quality contemporary artwork.

In the chat, Stefan and Michael discuss:

  • Artwork as the oldest “newest” asset class

  • How Masterworks digitized decades of sales data; including activity, research, and other data points

  • How Masterworks has published their database for anyone to see, and parallels with what Case-Schiller did for real estate

  • Why effectively 0% of institutional capital is directed toward art — and why that will change

  • What attributes Masterworks looks for when buying artwork (cultural significance + momentum)

  • Living artists vs dead artists: Why living artists have a greater appreciation rate, but also a higher risk/loss rate

  • Why selling artwork to a museum is the ultimate exit.

  • The future of fractionalized artwork investing; including thoughts on the NFT artwork (spoiler: he thinks it’s a fad)

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