Hot Wheels Collector Bruce Pascal

Horacio sat down with Bruce Pascal, the world’s largest collector of Hot Wheels.

They discuss:

  • How he acquires collections, including his most recent acquisition of 6,000 cars from California

  • The advantages of acquiring new cars and having distribution channels through other collectors on eBay

  • The best way to get involved in the hobby (conducting research through Facebook groups, books, and websites)

  • The most valuable cars (Sweet 16 cars based on real cars, or cars shown at car shows)

  • His other collections (including Preston Tucker memorabilia) and how that led him to start collecting Hot Wheels.

  • How he purchased the rarest Hot Wheels car in the world

  • How one noted collector called Bruce’s purchase a fake, and what he did to prove it was real

  • How he tracked down 400 former Hot Wheels employees and associated partners

  • How his collection has gained increased acceptance among collectors and hobbyists

  • The history of the famous Pink Rear Loading Beach Bomb

  • Strategies and potential inefficiencies in the current market

  • His personal museum

  • The future of his collection and his thoughts on Hot Wheels NFTs

This podcast was originally featured as part of the Alts newsletter issue: Hot Wheels Collecting with Bruce Pascal

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