Head of Wine at Vint: Billy Galanko

This week Horacio sat down with Billy Galanko from Vint, the popular & growing fractional wine investment platform. He is a professional sommelier who now has an (awesome) role as Vint’s Head of Wine.

In the chat, we discuss:

  • How Billy parlayed an Upwork ad into an investment into Vint, and later Vint’s first full-time role

  • The ins & outs of high quality wine acquisition from merchant partners,

  • Why whiskey is more difficult to source than wine, but more impervious to damage

  • The possibility of professional grading of bottles

  • How Vint is exploring NFTs with utility — including potential ownership of not just wine but other cool benefits

  • Thoughts on opening up a liquid secondary market

  • What Billy is personally investing in

  • Upcoming offerings, including the Napa Collection w/ Screaming Eagle, some Northern Rhone varieties, and a unique whiskey collection with 36 bottles of Japanese whiskey, all with with beautiful, unique artwork.

  • What Vint’s roadmap looks like, including potentially investing in pieces of vineyards themselves.

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