Wave Financial Co-Founder Les Borsai

This week, Horacio sat down with Les Borsai, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Wave Financial, an actively-managed liquid VC fund investing in crypto-assets since 2018.

Les is a former music executive who started the Wave Financial NFT Fund after noticing parallels between young musicians and NFT artists.

Discussion topics include:

  • His roots in the music industry as a rave and concert promoter

  • Common attributes between artists in the music industry and in the NFT space

  • The ability to be someone else in cyberspace while taking risks to make money

  • The advantages of being an outcast

  • Wave Financial’s global vision and the genesis of the NFT Fund

  • NFTs are art and collectibles, but ultimately about the creation of a gig economy in the metaverse

  • The strategy in buying certain NFTs as opposed to others, including infrastructure plays

  • The importance of building and supporting a community as an NFT artist

  • Veg Surfer, an NFT analyst hired by Wave Financial, who is immersed in NFTs and spotting trends

  • The importance of collaboration and learning to let go of ego

  • Investing in the Wave Financial NFT Fund

  • The NFT Fund adherence to regulations and potential tokenization

  • Following the DAO blueprint for creating a community through the NFT Fund

  • Thoughts on the adoption of NFTs by corporations including Nike’s acquisition of RTFKT Studios

  • The future of intellectual property rights for NFTs

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