Tracking Sports Card Grades and Submissions with Gemrate Founder Ryan Stuczynski

This week, Horacio sat down with Ryan Stuczynski, founder of Gemrate is a population report primarily focused on tracking PSA data. His site gives insight into the pace with which PSA is grading cards, as well as the cards that are trending.

Discussion topics include:

  • Bringing transparency to the card grading space

  • Realizing the premium in value for a Gem Mint PSA 10

  • Difficulty with navigating the population reports on the PSA website

  • Market inefficiencies with the rise of grading base cards

  • Using social media as a way to deliver content through data

  • Monetizing Gemrate and balancing its growth and staying true to his vision

  • Creating a more accurate population report to provide a holistic view of grades across grading companies

  • Potential impact of new graders “playing it safe” with the grades they gave

  • Keeping lines of communication open with PSA while managing the site independently

  • The staggering numbers for certain cards that have been graded and its effect on prices

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