Sneaker Investing, Sneaker Funds, and Expanding into the U.S. with PUSHAS CEO Justin Truong

This week, Horacio sat down with Justin Truong, Co-founder & CEO of PUSHAS, a sneaker marketplace (and sneaker fund!) based in Australia which is on the heels of global expansion.

Discussion topics include:

  • Building PUSHAS from the ground up by trading on sneaker groups on Facebook

  • The Ultra Boost Yeezy as his first true immersion into sneaker culture

  • How the sneaker industry is more accessible for women than typical asset classes

  • Using consignment to build the business and making a decision to go into the sneaker business full-time in 2019

  • Finding a niche by dealing with high-end, high-volume resellers by managing the entire sales process

  • Managing a limited supply problem by starting a sneaker fund overnight to provide more liquidity

  • How the PUSHAS sneaker fund encompasses 6,000 pairs of sneakers and produced a 60% return

  • The advantages of working full-time in the sneaker industry to spot trends

  • Australia as a smaller sneaker market compared to other countries and the importance of a secondary market

  • The advantages of the PUSHAS model of authenticating bulk sellers

  • The prevalence of counterfeit sneakers and the importance of having a great eye and a system for spotting fakes

  • PUSHAS expanding into the US with headquarters in Los Angeles

  • Building the PUSHAS brand around community

  • PUSHAS strategy to work with Stock X and GOAT rather than competing against them

  • Sneakers as a stable alternative asset class

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