Mendy Ouzillou: Collecting, Buying and Selling Meteorites and Working with the Scientific Community

This week, Horacio sat down with Mendy Ouzillou, founder of SkyFall Meteorites. Skyfall offers meteorites for sale and other consultations and scientific analysis services. SkyFall is also Mendy’s platform to express his love for meteorites and a way to connect with other meteorite enthusiasts. Mendy has created a full-time business out of his hobby. Still, he approaches it with the analysis and consideration of a scientist.

Discussion topics include:

  • Meteorites as a wholly unique collectable

  • His journey as a meteorite collector and the sense of introspection that it gives him

  • Meteorites that carried prebiotics to Earth from outer space

  • Pallasites as a meteorite class that has seen a rise in value in recent years

  • Esquel and Imilac meteorites as highly coveted collector’s items

  • Connecting with a meteorite association for amateur collectors, such as the Global Meteorite Association

  • Spreading awareness about the hobby through his volunteer work

  • The general scarcity of meteorites and the potential for a limited supply as demand grows

  • Nomadic tribes that collect meteorites across the Saharan Desert can connect with dealers directly through the internet

  • Meteorites as national relics and important scientific research items

  • The economics of running his business with a buy low, sell high strategy

  • Going on meteorite hunts and the work involved in it

  • Potential damage to meteorites depending on its surrounding environment and the importance of proper storage

  • Retail and consultation services provided by SkyFall Meteorites for customers, researchers, and museums

  • The rise in value of iron meteorites because of increased demand from China

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