Lumis Co-Founder Slade Michalec

This week, Horacio and Stefan sat down with Slade Michalec, Co-founder of Lumis, a domain brokerage firm.

Slade talks about the intricacies of brokering deals for domain names. He also gives updates on the latest trends in the industry, including emerging domains and using equity for acquisitions.

Stefan provides insight into the role Lumis played in helping us here at Alts acquire the domain

Discussion topics include:

  • The dynamics of acquiring domain names for businesses and individuals

  • The challenges and processes of contacting owners of domain names

  • Methods used to find domain names, including WHOIS records, proprietary tools, experience, and connections within the industry.

  • Determining price points for domain names, including premium names, comparable sales, and integration into the owner’s processes and systems

  • Using solid research during a meeting of the minds to help broker a deal

  • Special payment plans as domain names have appreciated since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

  • Determining value for domain names and their potential subjectivity

  • A rise in transactions involving equity or stake in a company

  • The rise in .xyz domain extensions

  • The .com domain still standing as the premier top-level domain, and its appreciation in value with increased scarcity

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