Dibbs Co-Founder and CEO Evan Vandenberg

This week, Horacio sat down with Evan Vandenberg Co-founder & CEO of Dibbs, the world’s only 24-7 fractional trading card marketplace.

Discussion topics include:

  • The model behind fractional ownership and blockchain-based tokenization with sports cards

  • Using tokenized ownership from Dibbs for future utility in different ecosystems and platforms that already exist

  • Amazon as an investor in Dibbs and the opportunities it provides for future business opportunities, particularly in the multimedia space

  • Expanding Dibbs offerings to include non-sport cards, other collectibles, international markets, NHL and Formula One offerings

  • The ‘Sell with Dibbs’ initiative that allows collectors to fractionalize their own cards

  • Using the Dibbs 24/7 platform as a de facto stock market for sports cards

  • The feature of buying parts of every card of any athlete on the Dibbs platform and the potential for buying into broader categories

  • The emergence of Formula 1 in the trading card industry and in the sports scene

  • The differences between Formula One and NASCAR and NASCAR’s failure to catch on in the card industry

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