Wave Financial NFT Principal John Caldwell (aka VegSurfer)

Horacio sat down with John Caldwell, also known as VegSurfer, the NFT Principal at Wave Financial. Before his current role, John was a successful NFT collector and Layer 1 business developer. His expertise in the space has made him a critical member of the Wave Financial NFT Fund and a big reason for its current success.

Discussion topics include:

  • Journey toward working with Wave Financial as the NFT Principal at Wave Financial

  • Living in the CryptoPunk server with others as a “hivemind” for seeking alpha

  • Similarities between NFT communities and World of Warcraft guilds

  • What it means to be immersed in a space when finding arbitrage opportunities

  • $AGOLD airdrop from the Loot Project

  • Working with traditional financial analysts who don’t fully understand NFTs

  • The importance of open communities when gauging an NFT project

  • VegSurfer, as he is also known, as a quick way to describe himself

  • Taking a chance on potentially life-changing opportunities

  • Educating oneself in order to make the best possible decisions

  • NFTs in its proper context within art history

  • Strategies for conducting research on NFT projects and the pros and cons of Twitter

  • The PFP as a status symbol

  • Defining the metaverse, its future, and our present state

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