Trading on Event Contracts and Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is with Kalshi Co-founders Tarek Mansour and Luana Lopes Lara

Horacio sat down with Tarek and Luana, co-founders of Kalshi. Kalshi is the only CFTC-approved event contract platform allowing users to make bets on real-world outcomes. Tarek and Luana are driving Kalshi to be a paradigm-shifting exchange for events on par with exchanges for stocks and commodities.

Discussion topics include:

  • Kalshi is an exchange that trades on events in the form of event contracts

  • Being the first event contract platform federally regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

  • The “Kalshi behavior” of thesis-driven investments on specific events

  • Roles as founding partners and their working dynamic

  • Determining the questions for the event contracts, including relevancy, volume, structure, expiration, and settlement sources

  • The yes and no proposition of the questions as the heart of the event contracts

  • Turnaround from the idea of a contract to putting it on the platform

  • People with greater interest in real events than traditional financial assets

  • Expanding Kalshi predictive markets into other events

  • The trading mechanics of each event contract

  • Surprising predictions from the Kalshi market

  • The importance of having clear rules for contract settlement

  • Kalshi’s future and fulfilling its mission

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