Bitcoin’s Promise and the Importance of the Lightning Network with Desiree Dickerson

Horacio sat down with Desiree Dickerson, Co-founder, and CEO of THNDR GAMES. THNDR GAMES is a free mobile gaming app rewarding users with satoshis, the smallest possible denomination of bitcoin. THNDR’s mission is to “accelerate the mainstream adoption of bitcoin, orange pilling one mobile gamer at a time.”

Discussion topics include:

  • Engaging Twitter followers

  • Working at Lightning Labs and with the Lightning Network

  • Mass adoption of bitcoin through mobile games

  • Using satoshis to reward and expose gamers to bitcoin

  • Transitioning from a science background into the crypto community

  • Working as a management consultant with government contracts

  • The value proposition of bitcoin

  • Working as a Fellow with Women for Women International

  • The rush of venture capital into the bitcoin space

  • The utility of the Lightning Network for microtransactions and ultrafast remittances

  • Advantages of the Lightning Network for content creators

  • Visiting El Salvador as a speaker for the Adopting Bitcoin Conference

  • THNDR GAMES mobile applications (Bitcoin Bounce, THNDR Bay, Turbo 84)

  • Gaming as the next social network

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