Andrew Goldberg: Lukas Tigers and Brons Oh My! Podcast Creating Value for Listeners and Building Community

Horacio sat down with Andrew Goldberg, co-host of the Lukas Tigers and Brons OH MY! Podcast. Andrew and his co-host, Cage, have created one of the top sports card podcasts in the United States. From interviews with industry leaders to hobby influencers, the podcast has become synonymous with content and community.

Discussion topics include:

  • Starting a sports and sports card podcast

  • The benefits of having a background in sales and marketing for a podcast

  • Finding an identity after finishing an athletic career

  • Taking time off from climbing the career ladder to get back to the fundamentals

  • Working with Gary Vaynerchuk and getting over a firing

  • The importance of having family support during times of failure

  • Buying Zion Williamson Panini Base Prism as an entry back into sports cards

  • The beginning of the Lukas Tigers and Brons Podcast

  • Dynamics of the podcast between Andrew and Cage

  • Maintaining and growing the podcast as a business

  • Using sponsorship activations to interact with podcast supporters

  • Transitioning from the HGA to SGC card grading sponsorships

  • Kobe Bryant’s death and the impact it had

  • Increasing positivity in the sports card hobby by operating from an abundance mentality

  • Andrew’s personal podcast, “No Overnight Success”

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