The Players Company Co-founder and CEO Amir Carlisle

Horacio sat down with Amir Carlisle, Co-founder and CEO of The Players Company. The Players Company is a modern financial collective for athletes, by athletes. The Players Company mission is to help athletes build wealth and cement their legacies through access, education, and community. Amir talks about the vision of The Players Company, his football career, the perils of athletes and money, and a desire to help bridge the racial wealth gap.

Discussion topics include:

  • The concept of generational wealth

  • Creating a digital banking system to put value back in a community

  • Structuring The Players Company as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

  • Playing big-time college football and the sacrifices that come with it

  • The Learn-to-Earn Protocol to fund money back into the DAO treasury

  • Using the social capital of athletes to give back to a broader community

  • The NFT release and its role as as a governance token

  • Hosting meet-ups with NFT holders and business executives and athletes to create networks

  • Creating a $TPC crypto token that is backed by a traditional banking assets

  • Joining The Players Company Discord channel to contribute or to learn more about TPC

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