Franchise Expert Kenny Rose on Creating a New Franchise Fund and the Case for Franchise Investment

Horacio sat down with Kenny Rose, Founder and CEO of Franshares.

Franshares is the only platform making franchise investing accessible for anyone with as little as $500.

Kenny’s views on franchising have been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, ABC, The Hustle, American Express, the Amazon feature book “More Than Just French Fries,” and other publications around the world.

Discussion topics include:

  • Overview of Franshares and the advantages of investing in franchises

  • Franchises covering more than 100 industries

  • The growing pains of starting a franchise in the first five years

  • Finding the right franchise for people with specific skills

  • The case for diversifying your portfolio into alternative assets

  • Giving access to a greater audience to invest in alternatives

  • Incentives for investors currently on the waitlist

  • Franshares looking to make a social impact

  • The effects of the COVID pandemic on franchises in the investment fund

  • One diversified fund available for all investors

  • The genesis for Franshares from the pandemic

  • Passive income for investors into the franchise fund

  • Franchises as members of the local business community

  • Awaiting SEC approval and platform launch

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