Cryptocurrency and NFT Funds with Weighted Risk Tolerance with Alexander Valtingojer

Horacio sat down with Alexander Valtingojer, Co-founder and CEO of Coinpanion. ​​Coinpanion is an investment platform based in Austria offering different cryptocurrency portfolios curated for a range of risk tolerances. Coinpanion uses a dynamic asset allocation framework to build their CO2-neutral portfolios with weekly rebalancing.

The portfolios currently have more than 60 million Euros under management. This is a great conversation on how a founder built his investment platform and the logic behind its structure.

For our listeners in Europe! Coinpanion is offering a credit of 20 Euros when you fund a portfolio with a minimum 50 Euros on the platform. Make sure to use the Coupon Code: ALTS20.

Discussion topics include:

  • Trading game keys on Steam and getting paid in bitcoin in high school

  • Shifting crypto earnings from gaming into ETFs

  • Overview of Coinpanion as a passive asset portfolio

  • Bitcoin as a scarce digital asset and digital gold

  • Copy trading as a riskier form of investing in assets

  • Investing with long-term potential in mind

  • The portfolios and risk tolerances offered by Coinpanion

  • Using data-driven systems to analyze cryptocurrencies

  • The fundamentals behind the Coinpanion Crypto Score

  • Rebalancing portfolios based on risk parameters

  • The NFT and Metaverse Portfolio

  • Describing cryptocurrencies as a risky asset class with potential for big rewards

  • Defining risk with different metrics

  • Creating CO2-neutral portfolios

  • Using an increased amount of energy in the short-term to build a better long-term financial system

  • Comparing the European cryptocurrency market to the American and Asian markets

  • The future of the NFT economy

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