Investing in Small Business and Building Community with Nick Mathews

Horacio sat down with Nick Mathews, Co-founder, and CEO of Mainvest. Mainvest is an investment platform fractionalizing startup equity into small businesses. Mainvest has grown out of the pandemic, supporting small businesses in communities across the country. A former Uber executive, Nick saw a market opportunity to crowdfund for small companies when traditional lending institutions would not. To date, Mainvest has helped raise capital for nearly 200 small businesses through its investment platform.

Discussion topics include:

· Working with small business owners while at Uber

· Disparity in access to private equity between tech startups and small businesses

· Internal vetting of small businesses beginning with community evangelism

· Small businesses priced with their own returns with a minimum $100 investment

· Mainvest’s additional utility as a marketing tool and engagement campaign

· Helping small businesses beyond the debt instrument

· Small businesses creating long-term career paths for employees

· Filling gaps for bias in institutional lending and capital distribution

· Innovation in the small business space

· Working with city councils across the country

· Communicating the effectiveness of the asset class and quality of the returns

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