Guernsey’s Auction House Founder and President Arlan Ettinger

Horacio spoke with Arlan Ettinger, the President and Founder of Guernsey’s auction house in Manhattan. Guernsey’s will be auctioning off the Elizabeth Meaders Collection on March 15th at 2 PM ET. Arlan’s previous work with high-profile auctions has garnered worldwide attention and the Elizabeth Meaders Collection is no different. Ms. Meaders’s collection offers a comprehensive look at African-American history through one-of-a-kind artifacts acquired because of her life’s work to collect. Arlan provides unique insight into the collection and the buzz leading up to the auction.

Discussion topics include:

  • Guernsey’s history of high-profile collections

  • The scope and depth of Elizabeth Meaders’s collection

  • A collection full of the good, the bad, and the ugly

  • The lack of a comprehensive African-American Museum in New York City

  • The impossibility of knowing who will buy the collection and for how much

  • Valuing a collection with 20,000 items and comparing it to other historic auctions

  • Using the collection to complement existing museum collections

  • Guernsey’s work with pre-auction events to market collections for sale

  • Auctions having unique characteristics and results

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