A Different Approach to Venture Capital with Ali Moiz

Horacio sat down with Ali Moiz, Co-founder and CEO of Stonks. Stonks is an online platform that allows founders to pitch their companies to hundreds of accredited investors and venture capital funds at the same time. Or as they put it: Imagine if Twitch, AngelList, and Shark Tank had a baby.

Ali previously co-founded StreamLabs which was a free software tool allowing livestreamers to overlay features on their content and procure donations and payments. StreamLabs was acquired by Logitech for a reported $120 million.

Discussion topics include:

  • Defining venture capital and angel investors

  • Going against your instincts as an investor to stay patient

  • Being forced to hold onto an investment for 7 – 10 years as a venture capitalist

  • His journey as a young entrepreneur to selling StreamLabs to Logitech

  • Hitting roadblocks for several years at StreamLabs before finding success

  • The corporate culture of Stonks to connect founders with investors

  • High signal investors and thought leaders that garner followers

  • Democratizing access to venture capital through Stonks

  • Using the StreamLabs model as a vertical for venture capital

  • DemoDays at Stonks with hundreds of investors watching a handful of founders pitch their companies

  • Getting feedback to founders through the livestream process

  • Examples of founders that have found success on the Stonks platform

  • Startup investing as an under-allocated asset class

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