Strategies and tips for Starting and Investing in Online Businesses with Domain Magnate Founder Michael Bereslavsky

Horacio spoke with Michael Bereslavsky, Founder and CEO of Domain Magnate. Domain Magnate is an online business brokerage specializing in the buying and selling of viable business websites. Domain Magnate also has an online business fund open to accredited investors. In this episode, Michael and Horacio talk about the nuances of buying online businesses – including the skills needed to start a business and keep it running and what he looks for when acquiring an online business.

Discussion topics include:

  • The growth and changes in acquiring online businesses

  • Adapting to the online business industry

  • Combining business metrics with a gut feeling for what will work

  • Starting with small websites to understand how online businesses work

  • Monetizing websites through research and researching competitor websites

  • Financial courses and programs that can help emerging entrepreneurs

  • Three different Domain Magnate Funds and their investment requirements

  • The benefits of having previous business owners as investors

  • Risks involved with buying online businesses including being delisted by Amazon

  • Selling and buying domain names

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