Investing in Rockets, Satellites, and Combustion Systems with Spaced Ventures Founder Aaron Burnett

Horacio spoke with Aaron Burnett, Founder, and CEO of Spaced Ventures, an investment platform for startup space companies. Think of companies in satellite imaging, space insulation, rocket fuel tanks, and radiation barriers. Spaced Ventures democratizes investment into the next frontier, with minimum investments as low as $100. Aaron talks about the moment he decided to be a part of the space industry and the purpose of his work that he sees as his life’s mission.

Discussion topics include:

  • Building the world’s largest community of space investors

  • Opportunities with alternative investments and early-stage space companies

  • Describing the sonic wave that goes through you during launch

  • The importance of the SpaceX Starship orbital rocket launch and flight

  • The Karman line as the delineation of space and Earth’s atmosphere

  • Space as a place and not an industry

  • The first gas station floating above space by Orbit Fab

  • Government funding going to a handful of companies

  • Diversifying investments because of expected losses among startups

  • Space investments as long-term holds

  • Being super-focused on space companies to provide value

  • The pros and cons of getting government contracts

  • Aaron going to Mars within his lifetime and space tourism

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