Farmland, Climate Change, and Investing with FarmTogether with Artem Milinchuk

Horacio spoke with Artem Milinchuk, the Founder and CEO of FarmTogether. FarmTogether is a fractional investment platform for farmland. Since its inception, FarmTogether has offered fractional ownership across six different states with 12 different crops. Its mission is to continue democratizing investment opportunities in farmland while being an industry leader in sustainable farming.

Discussion topics include

  • Getting to know the industry through a Canadian pension fund

  • Realizing the farm industry had such few investment opportunities

  • The current state and demographics of farmland in the United States

  • Creating scalable capital to farmers to meet the challenges of the future

  • Developing a farmland fund for financial institutions and retail investors

  • Generations of farming families working the land

  • California as a powerhouse of agriculture and SIGMA Regulations

  • Farmland performing well as an investment and inflation hedge

  • Historical barriers to investing in farmland for institutions and retail investors

  • Finding favorable long-term trends for crops

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