Creating Content and Talking Music with Podcast Host Alan Goldsher

Horacio spoke with Alan Goldsher, Head of Content at Collectable. Alan is the host of Collectable Daily, interviewing some of the biggest names in the sports industry. His guests regularly provide insights and commentary on the sports memorabilia industry. In this podcast, Alan also talks about being a professional musician, a published author, and his path toward being a podcast host.

Discussion topics include:

  • Playing gigs around Chicago as a teenager

  • Gigging and working at a record label in New York

  • Playing with iconic musicians at Giant Step Club in Chicago

  • Playing onstage with legendary trumpeter Clark Terry at the Grammys

  • Starting his own record label, Gold Note Records

  • Advice for aspiring sports journalists and writers

  • Starting a writing career with a focus on romantic comedies, horror, and as a ghostwriter

  • Developing the Collectable Daily podcast and keeping a rotation of guests

  • Alan’s Hobby Mt. Rushmore, a Collectable Daily mainstay

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