Antiquarian Map Dealer at Argosy Book Store, Laura Ten Eyck

Horacio spoke with Laura Ten Eyck, the 2nd Floor Gallery Director at the Argosy Bookstore. Laura is an antiquarian map dealer, vice president of the New York Map Society, and a regular guest on the PBS Antiques Roadshow. In this episode, Laura talks about what makes maps valuable collector’s items, how map collecting has changed in the last 20 years, and the current trends in the industry. Laura also gives an analysis of the 1796 Plan for New York City that will be fractionalized on Rally Road in the near future.

Discussion topics include:

  • Map dealers fractionalizing or creating a ring for rare maps

  • Working at the Argosy Book Store as the 2nd Floor Gallery Director

  • Gaining experience through an apprenticeship at Argosy

  • Maps used for persuasive reasons and propaganda

  • Map dealers pushed aside with the prevalence of online platforms

  • Finding other categories of maps to find value

  • Changing tastes and preferences among map collectors

  • Auctions houses moving away from map specialists and departments

  • The rise of the contemporary art collector negatively impacting maps

  • A community physically caring for an item and guarding it financially

  • Looking at Classic maps as alternative investments, think big and beautiful

  • Famous geographical maps across the world