ALTS 1 FUND Podcast Special: Alts Co-founder and CIO Wyatt Cavalier and Investment Analyst Tully Ross

Horacio spoke with Alts Co-founder and CIO Wyatt Cavalier and Investment Analyst Tully Ross about the unveiling of the ALTS 1 Fund. Wyatt and Tully talk about building the fund, finding new insights on overlooked asset classes, and using data to drive the Alts investment strategy. Wyatt also talks about the next steps at Alts and the reciprocal relationship between content and investment. Tully talks about the opportunities that alternative assets offer compared to traditional equities.

Discussion topics include:

  • The Alts fund as a broad spectrum, actively-managed alternative asset fund

  • Providing “swag” for investors

  • The potential of concert posters and vinyl records to provide returns

  • Doing the “in the weeds” hard work to discover emerging asset classes

  • Unveiling a Reg A fund in the future with the current fund being a Reg D fund

  • Alts creating the first indices for vinyl records and concert posters

  • Fund activities reflecting company recommendations

  • Performance reflecting the content from Alts

  • Passion for the alternative asset class and the importance of transparency

  • Differentiating the Alts 1 Fund through hard data

  • Adding value to the fund through passive streams of income

  • Finding opportunities due to lack of liquidity in alternatives

  • Creating a broad fund to diversify risk and capitalize on opportunities

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