Zak and Kareem: Alternative Investments During a Volatile Market at AltExchange

Horacio spoke with Zak Boca and Kareem Hamady, co-founders of the online platform AltExchange helping financial advisors and individual investors keep track of their funds. Zak and Kareem talk about the current state of the market and provide some insight on how to weather downturns. They also talk about AltExchange and how it’s helping investors and financial advisors keep better track of investments and helping spark conversations about financial strategies and goals.

Discussion topics include:

  • Independent research to invest in alternative assets, focus on art

  • The correlation factor between alts and traditional investments

  • Acting on the market as retail investors

  • Self-binding to help impulsivity on a portfolio

  • Investment behavior during a down market

  • Using free online resources to learn more about the markets

  • Real estate and private lending as stable investments

  • Advocates for institutional alternatives and private equity

  • Creating a frictionless experience for alternative investors

  • Creating a “Plaid-like” experience to track investments

  • Sites that AltExchange is syncing with

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