Mendy Ouzillou: Dealing and Collecting Meteorites, Holding Moon Rocks

Horacio spoke with meteorite collector and dealer Mendy Ouzillou. Mendy is the founder of SkyFall Meteorites and the Founder and President of the Global Meteorite Association. In this episode, Mendy recaps his trip to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, talks about the current state of the meteorite marketplace, and talks about the fractionalized Lunar Meteorite on Rally Road.

More discussion topics include:

  • Observations from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

  • Making classic meteorites available

  • Slicing meteorites as standard practice among scientists and collectors

  • Museums trading their meteorites to expand their collections

  • The difference in value of meteorites depending on geographic landfall

  • Using weather radar to see a possible strewn field

  • The dangers of chasing meteorites

  • Possible preservation of the asteroid impactor that wiped out the dinosaurs

  • The specifics of the Lunar Meteorite on Rally Road

  • Lunar meteorites as collectibles and investments

  • The Global Meteorite Association and growing the hobby

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