Mark Thiele: The Metaverse, Data Centers, and Technology Consumption

Horacio spoke with information technology and systems expert Mark Thiele. Mark is the founder and CEO of Edgevana, whose company mission is to disrupt the existing processes for selling and buying colocation, edge and data center services. In this episode, Mark talks about creating edge, or the opportunity to bring technology closer to consumers through their business or home. Mark’s experience spans from the dawn of the internet to the emergence of Web3, making the argument that every major company needs to stake a presence in the metaverse.

Discussion topics include:

  • Defining edge, or making technology more accessible to people

  • Having a better experience with technology because of edge

  • Data centers as giant computers and the backbone of information technology

  • The modernization and decreasing costs of technology

  • A constant demand to build data centers

  • The necessity that corporations adapt for the metaverse

  • Definitions and examples of the metaverse

  • The components of decentralization and blockchain

  • Working with companies to find appropriate data centers

  • Asking companies to focus on renewables and arriving at net zero

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