Kristian Kielhofner: Fighting NFT Fraud and Disinformation

Horacio spoke with Kristian Kielhofner, the founder of Tovera. Tovera is a platform built around a verification program to detect fraud in digital assets. Tover recently launched, a database using proprietary algorithms to determine if NFTs are authentic. Kristian’s development of the company came from his thesis that as Web3 expands, so will the need to fight against fraud and scams.

Discussion topics include:

  • Tovera as a verification / provenance solution for Web3

  • Kristian’s background as co-founder of Star2Star

  • Solving a bug on Star2Star’s servers

  • Dealing with millions of digital assets already in existence

  • Tovera Match working from the front-end to existing catalogues

  • Uncovering Disinformation and Deep Fakes

  • The matching algorithm at

  • Understanding users that want to find fakes

  • Implications of letting fraud go unchecked

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