Cameron Hejazi: Cent, Twitter, and NFT Artists

Horacio spoke with Cameron Hejazi, the co-founder and CEO of Cent. Cameron created Cent in 2017 with the purpose of creating a community where artists could share their work and build a fan base. Cent made headlines when Valuables, its NFT marketplace of Tweets, minted Jack Dorsey’s first tweet and sold it for $2.9 million. Cent also created a separate NFT marketplace that had to be shut down due to fraudulent activity. Cameron discusses all this and more on the podcast.

More discussion topics include:

  • Building Web3 communities

  • Experimenting with incentivizing curation and participation

  • Minting tweets as a way to reduce barriers

  • Choosing the right venue to sell specific assets

  • Shutting down the Cent NFT marketplace

  • Acting in the best interest of the NFT community

  • Assisting creators to make an income through ownership

  • The as a way to bridge Web2 with Web3

  • A prolonged downturn having a serious impact on creators

  • Putting protocols in place against counterfeit NFTs

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