Alex Engel: Rare Edition, a New Card Grading Company Making a Splash

Horacio spoke with Alex Engel, the CEO of the new card grading company Rare Edition. Alex goes behind-the-scenes to talk about the latest developments at Rare Edition and their goals as they enter a competitive market with one of the nicest quality and cutting edge slabs in the card industry.

Discussion topics include:

  • Features of the Rare Edition slabs

  • Finding an opportunity in the collectible market

  • Security and anti-fraud measures on Rare Edition slabs

  • The Rare Edition grading process combining scanners and in-person inspection

  • Getting feedback from customers at shows and from social media

  • Tiered turnaround times

  • The unboxing process of newly graded cards

  • Card collecting as a hobby and finding joy

  • Growing the customer base and building trust

  • Starting a marketplace and vault service

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