Swati Chaturvedi: Investing in Deep Tech and Doing Due Diligence at Propel(X)

Horacio spoke with Swati Chaturvedi, the co-founder and CEO of Propel(X). In a wide-ranging discussion, the podcast touches on due diligence, alternative investments in technology and science, democratizing investing, investing in a turbulent market, and the investment opportunities on Propel(X).

Additional discussion topics include:

  • Starting MIT Angels to help leverage technology companies

  • Due diligence and operating under best interest as a broker-dealer

  • Curating investment opportunities

  • The importance of asking startups detailed questions

  • Inherent risk of investing in alternative assets

  • The value of transactions in private markets

  • Highlighted companies on the Propel(X) platform

  • Ultra-reality as an immersive IMAX-like experience

  • Thoughts on investing in a volatile market

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